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1. Bibles on the web: Click here:

Douay Rheims Version[Translated from Latin Vulgate]

Also: Several Bible Translations and Search Engine at:

2. Thomas a Kempis-An excellent spiritual book with daily spiritual readings which will direct your path toward Christ. Dates back several centuries. Click here to see this book on the web:


My Imitation of Christ/Thomas Kempis (Located on these web pages)

3.Summa Theologica-by Saint Thomas Aquinas[The Angelic Doctor]-Very extensive and thorough teachings on God and the Catholic Faith. Click here to see this work on the web:

4. The Collected Works of Saint John of the Cross-Mystical Theology(spiritual calculus). Advanced teaching and methods on rising toward God in holiness. Excerpt from The Ascent of Mount Carmel: "This treatise explains how to reach divine union quickly. It presents instruction and doctrine valuable for beginners and proficients alike that they may learn how to unburden themselves of all earthly things, avoid spiritual obstacles, and live in that complete nakedness and freedom of spirit necessary for divine union."

The Collected Works of St. John of the Cross is one of Pope John Paul II's favorite spiritual works.

Click here to see a web site on these teachings:

Or at: Teachings of Saint John of the Cross


5. The Collected Works of Saint Teresa of Avila-Mystical Theology, very similar to Saint John of the Cross above. Great mystic Saint.

How to reach the Spiritual Union with God. Great teaching on overcoming the Devil.  Also a favorite work of Our Holy Father Pope John Paul II.

Click here:


5-b. Vatican Web Site:


6. Spiritual Direction & Spiritual Directors:   Saint Francis de Sales, Saint Teresa of Avila, Thomas a Kempis and Saint John of the Cross.  New book on Spiritual Direction which has the best teachings of these four great spiritual advisors.  The web site is at:


7. Franciscan Cyberspot- Information on the Franciscan Order

and other Catholic groups. Spiritual reading available at this site.

8. Catholic On Line Books:


10. St. Dominic web site:

11. Rosary web site:

12. The Gehenna Page-a web site on the doctrine of hell and other Catholic Doctrines, click here:

13. Biblical Evidence For Catholicism-If you have questions concerning Mary, the Papacy, Purgatory and other aspects of Catholicism, this is a good site to visit. Thorough documentation on the Catholic Faith with strong scriptural support:

14. Catechism of the Catholic Church:

15. An extensive listing of Saints(over 11,000 Saints) go to the Saint Patricks Catholic Church Web Site of Washington, D.C.  at:

16.  IGNATIUS PRESS:  a Catholic publisher that has many excellent Catholic Books and Videos for purchase at:


17. TAN BOOKS AND PUBLISHERS:  They have many outstanding Catholic Books for purchase at:


18. LEAFLET MISSAL COMPANY, a seller of Catholic books, videos, rosaries, statues, and other fine Catholic products, has many items for purchase at:


19. Christusrex: The Our Father prayer  in over 1000 languages.   Information on the Catholic Church and the Vatican:


20. Popes:  Catholic Encyclopedia's list of all the Popes with a summary of their lives:


21. Incorrupt bodies of the saints.  Saints who lived many years, even a couple 100 years ago and Almighty God has not allowed their bodies to physically corrupt:  St.  John Vianney, St. Clair, St. Bernedette, St. Margaret Mary and many more saints whose bodies remain to this day incorrupt.  Their life stories and pictures of their incorrupt bodies:


22. Catholic Apolegetics.  Web site defends that Catholic Faith, especially on the key issues of praying to Mary, Purgatory and the Papacy and much more:

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