Jerome Emiliani was born in Venice.  In his early career he had been part of the military in Italy. While he was governor of a new castle in Tarviso, he was captured in loaded with chains and thrown into a dungeon.  He was delivered from prison by the Virgin Mary and returned to Tarviso where he began a life of prayer and penance.  He returned to Venice.  During a famine, he came to the rescue of orphans and poor families.  He was ordained in 1518 and he was the founder of the order called the Clerks Regular of Somascha.  He and his order established hospitals and orphanages for the poor and sick in northern Italy.  He died of an disease he caught while helping the sick in 1537.  Pope Clement XIII canonized Jerome in 1767.  In 1928, Pope Pius XI named him patron saint of orphanages and abandoned children.

INTERCESSORY PRAYER:  Ask Saint Jerome to intercede for the spiritual and material welfare of young children.