What They Won't Tell You at the ABORTION CLINIC


This is a tough decision you have to make, but please be mature.  Only an immature person thinks of herself alone.  This article was written by neither a militant, pro-life male, nor a 50-year-old grandmother who has never been faced with a problem pregnancy.  It was written by a woman who was eighteen and pregnant once.  A woman who was scared, like you are, and chose abortion.  After nine years I know what the right choice was, and is, and I just want you to know  ---                                                         

What They Didn't Tell Me ...



They Won't Tell You . . .

1. Abortion is not safe.

    Contrary to the belief that abortion is as simple as removing a wart, it is actually a very serious procedure that can have very serious results.   The clinic personnel will lead you to believe that complications rarely arise, but that is not the case.  Many women have been damaged for life as a result of their legal abortion.

    Your cervical muscle may be damaged in an abortion because the cervix is forcefully dilated.  This means that your future pregnancies have a greater chance of resulting in miscarriage or premature delivery.  Damage to the uterine wall is another concern.  Perforation (puncturing) of the uterus, infection, hemorrhage, and blood clots are only a few of the complications that you  could end up with.   I you do have a :successful" abortion, scar tissue may still form which can cause sterilization, miscarriages and tubal pregnancies.  approximately two out of 10 women who abort their first pregnancy will never be able to have children again.   Do you want to take that kind of risk?


They Won't Tell You . . .

2. Abortion leaves emotional scars.

   Most often a woman will feel the consequences of her decision within days of her abortion.   If they don't appear immediately, they will appear as she gets older.  Emotional scars include unexplained depression, a loss of the ability to get close to others, repressed emotions, a hardening of the spirit, thwarted maternal instincts (which may lead to child abuse or neglect later in life), intense feelings of guilt and thoughts of suicide.    Don't be fooled --- every abortion leaves emotional scars.


They Won't Tell You . . .

3. Abortion kills a baby.

   Before you even know you're pregnant, your baby's heart begins to beat.  At six weeks brain waves are measurable and your baby moves and responds to touch.  At eight weeks she is perfectly developed, with fingers and toes, even her own set of fingerprints.  By ten weeks she can squint, swallow and suck her thumb.   If you tickled her nose she would move her head away.  By eleven to 12 weeks all body systems are present and working.  All she needs to become a healthy newborn is time and nourishment.  Nothing new develops after 12 weeks!  What would you name her?   Rebecca?   Stephanie?


They Won't Tell You . . .

4. Abortion is violent.

    The most common method of abortion used in early pregnancy is suction aspiration.  The cervix is forced open.  A vacuum device 29 times more powerful than a home vacuum cleaner is used to suction out the "contents of the uterus."4

    A D & E is performed after 16 weeks.  As in the suction method, your baby is torn to pieces, but this time the abortionist uses a special instrument to tear the arms and legs from the body.  he punctures her soft spot, suctions out the brain and crushed the skull, then removes the remaining body parts. 

    Another method done after 16 weeks is the saline abortion.   A salt solution is injected into the baby's bag of waters.  It poisons the baby and burns off her outer layer of skin.  She actually convulses in pain for the hour or so that it takes for the solution to do its deadly job.  The mother then goes into labor and gives birth to a dead baby.5

   A hysterotomy (last trimester) is done by making an incision in the mother's abdomen.  The unwanted child is lifted out and left to die.


They Won't Tell You . . .

5. Abortion exploits women.

    The counselors at an abortion clinic will use obscure terms such as "product of conception," "contents of the uterus," and "fetal tissue" to refer to your baby.  They will rarely advise you to carry your baby to term because they are operating for profit and they don't want to lose your business.  Essentially, they are making money off of your problem!  The abortionist can make more money by doing abortions than a regular physician can through caring for a woman through a 9-month pregnancy.   Are you going to be the poor girl who finances his next trip to Europe?


They Won't Tell You . . .

6. There are alternative to abortion.

    There are many organizations that can offer you practical support such as maternity and baby clothes, a place to live, pre-natal care, and financial aid.  Counseling is also available to help you through this traumatic time.

    Please think carefully about your future.  The decision you make in the next few weeks will affect you for the rest of  your life.  If you're unsure about having an abortion, take just one more day to think about it -- don't let anyone pressure you into a decision you're not ready to make yet.

Please call us -- we want to help... And we'll give you the truth.

This tract was written by a PEACE of Minnesota member who experienced abortion personally.

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